Bargad Volunteer Network

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The Bargad Volunteer network allows youth volunteers to join the movement and help out in any way that they can. With a vast volunteer base, BARGAD’s projects have been collaborated by more than 54 universities. It is a rare organization that has hosted University Vice Chancellors’ conference at the national level and has trained university faculty members, especially the younger lot, on more than 10 occasions on themes ranging from tackling youth extremism, women leadership on campuses to social research methodology.


  • National Coordinator
  • Provincial Coordinator
  • District Coordinator
  • Campus Coordinator
  • Tehsil Coordinator
  • Advisory Body
  • National Executive Body
  • National Body (Coordinators)
  • Youth (Volunteers or Beneficiaries)


  • Certification
  • Experience letters
  • Opportunity for exposure and recognition by organisation and at other national and international forums.
  • Opportunities to develop skills help in career prospects.
  • Opportunities to develop contacts and networking with likeminded young individuals and experts
  • Souvenirs
  • Recreation
  • Small grants may be provided to organise activities of BVN
  • On the basis of performance, coordinators can have rank promotion
  • Acknowledgement and promotion of coordinators’ achievements in publications and on social media
  • Scholarships to attend numerous national conferences, cultural exchange programs and seminars.

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