Empower Youth for Work
Empower Youth for Work

Project Summary

Bargad in collaboration with OXFAM has initiated a program, named “Empower Youth for Work” that will promote a positive enabling environment for youth, especially for young women, to thrive them achieving their potential and contributing to their social and economic development. Young people especially young women residing in the focused rural areas (District Layyah) will be empowered through Life Skill right based education followed by entrepreneurial skills education to earn sustainable livelihood. They will also be provided with (Financial and Technical) Business Development Support. Under the project spanning over a period of five years, 17000 youth including 70% girls will be trained in different economic and social skill-sets for a booming economy and society in district Layyah. The program will adopt and innovative approaches and collaborate with stakeholders in the private, public and civil society sectors to create new, improved and sustainable models for youth inclusion in employment, training, youth group support, business development services and access to finance as well as community and mass media campaigning activities designed to change norms and policy that hinder opportunities for youth. Youth will be co-creators and co-implementers of the program through a Hub.


  • To impart soft and market-led technical skills to 17000 young women and men in district Layyah so as
    they can use their agency
  • To provide young women and men new or improved employment and entrepreneurship opportunities
  • To promote enabling environment for young women and men’s economic empowerment

Where will it be implemented?

The program has selected to focus on rural areas and communities of district Layyah in Punjab province that are hit hardest by climate change, where extreme climatic changes and disasters such as floods and drought prevail and where huge bulk of youth with limited or no economic opportunities resides.
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