Punjab Youth Peace Core
Punjab Youth Peace Core

Project Summary

The Youth Affairs Department, Punjab, will establish the Punjab Youth Peace Core. This is an initiative by the department which is aimed at the propagation and implementation of the National Action Plan through the Youth. The activity seeks to orient and build capacity of a cadre of 600 youth on the National Action Plan and peace- building under the Punjab Youth Peace Core in 30 UCs of two districts of Punjab; Lahore and Multan. The activity seeks to make youth aware about government endeavours for peace- building, especially the National Action Plan which is the first document of its kind whereby all political parties have consented for its development. It will also make them an active part of the peace-building process and prepare them as peace champions, who in turn will take social actions in their respective areas and influence their peers to promote peaceful youth cooperation at the community level. Bargad will assist the department in implementing these activities.


  • To train a cadre of youth to become peace champions
  • To increase the engagement of youth in peace-building initiatives
  • To develop and empower a diverse network of individuals, organizations, and government leaders that can advocate and implement initiatives for peace-building in Punjab



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